Armenia isn’t on the radar of many people when it comes to planning a trip abroad – but perhaps it should be. A year prior to my visit, I belonged in this group, unaware of what it offered. Then one day, I began a ‘research every country in the world as a potential travel destination’ project. Armenia was naturally one of the first I came to!

What I discovered was a nation steeped in cultural heritage and natural splendour, located in a region I’d never even set foot. Somewhere exuding a degree of edginess while being generally safe, off the tourist trail but not overly difficult to reach.

In total, I spent 5 days in Armenia, using Yerevan as a base. In the adventures that followed, my preconceptions were delightfully superseded by reality. It was unlike anywhere I had travelled previously – not quite Europe, not really Asia; not even of the current time in some respects. It may have been a bit rough around the edges, but what a joy to uncover!